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Country Singer/Songwriter

Country Singer/Songwriter

Preston Hoffman, a young man from the little town of Red Level, Alabama lights up the stage with his friendly persona, jaw-dropping guitar solos, and powerful vocal techniques! Performing across the Panhandle of Florida and Lower Alabama at various venues, audiences rave about his sound, immense talents, and fun personality.

Working for his grandpa’s plumbing business by day and as a musician by night, Preston is performing his way to the top of the country music scene. With the help of SSM Nashville, Preston has had the opportunity to write music with many famous Nashville writers. Having released his first single, "I Got Her To Dance," Preston’s songwriting skills and talents are soon to be heard nationally. From music that speaks to the workin’ man to taking new chances in life, Preston has created an album that is sure to become a household favorite. His mix of Contemporary Country, Blues, and Southern Rock are what make his songs so unique and personable.

As Preston performs music across the country, he and his band are an amazing 3-generation trio with his grandpa and mom. Influenced by his grandpa at an early age to sing and play the guitar, Preston loves digging in on some oldies/classic rock covering bands such as The Beatles and The Eagles. Crowds are wowed by this unique family experience of The Preston Hoffman Band, including a rockin’ flute by his mom and poppin' harmonies and rhythm guitar of his grandpa.

Whether you are looking for a great soloist or band, Preston has it all! His excitement for music and his diverse musical talents will be a good fit for any stage, party, event, or venue!

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